Family Diamonds - Family Diamonds

Family Diamonds

…Fate gave birth to an idea

Just imagine the following scenario: Within the space of six month two smoldering fires destroyed our home and all our belongings. Then, as if that weren´t enough, a lightning bolt ruined the new electrical system. At this point one could think we were being followed by bad spirits! But thank God, my family and I were only shaken but not physically hurt by any of these three unbelievable events.

My instinctive feeling for safety told me that our family and I needed a talisman.

So, I began to design an amulet. In my mind´s eye, it is divided into twelve months. Our children´s birthdays are in April and November, each represented by a small diamond. The two larger diamonds in April and May are for my husband and me.

Ever since I started wearing my family diamond, people always mention what an extraordinary pendant it is. When I tell the story about this special piece of jewelry, they are more enchanted than before. Several of my friends wanted to have their own family talisman.

On my homepage you can now share in my idea and design your own family talisman on the configurator above. Each one is unique!

I believe it is a touching gift and your talisman will bring you and your family just as much luck as ours.