Family Diamonds - Family Diamonds Configurator

Family Diamonds Configurator

Set your Family Diamonds in place.

Two stones per month is the maximum. If you need more space please contact me.
As your family grows you can of course add more diamonds to your talisman.
The diameter of the pendant is 1.02 inches (26 mm) or 0.71 inches (18 mm).





Child 1:

Child 2:

Child 3:

Child 4:



Front view:

Back view (exemplary):

Your price:

1.770,00 €*

Necklace red gold 750/-
Disc: Red gold 585/- solid (18 mm)
Mother (May): Diamond 0.03 ct/wsi
Father (July): Diamond 0.03 ct/wsi
Child (May): Diamond 0.01 ct/wsi

* Delivery time 10 days. Due to price adjustments on the commodity markets, we reserve the right to change prices.

Family Diamonds